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ManPower Consulting

Hiring for a new or replacement position is always tricky. Competent recruiters that match the profile set with the job description may not suffice as the organizational needs play an important part in hiring. The competencies often may fit the role. However, you need to assess the candidate’s ability to fit the requirements per the organizational context.

Leiten doesn’t work on regular hiring searches but has evolved an innovative touch to find potential candidates who match the organizational requirements—developing an innovative methodology to find the right fit for the customized needs of every client.

Technology has given us the impetus to help find the candidates that are a right fit, agree to the payment criteria, and finally get the recruitment done on time for our client. We look forward to the flexibility in aligning the right resource to enable clients to get the best experience.

Smart Match

Great Care Is Taken To Align Resource & Organization From Both Skillset And Culture For Perfect Fitment



Right Fit, Right Pricing & Innovative Sourcing Methods Are Adapted To Help In Speedy Fulfilment


Resume Source

Proprietary Database, Portals, Social Media, References, Head Hunting, Innovative Methods



Technology Skill, Culture, Behavior, Internal Fitment & Client Fitment.



Highly Experienced, Diverse & Skilled Team That Has Created A Robust Ecosystem For Sourcing & Delivery

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