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Every employee in an organisation needs to be trained, be it a lateral or a campus recruit, to fit the needs of an organisation and to adapt to the working culture and its process. Leiten own the responsibility from the point our customers inducts their employees, to the point of these hires becoming productive. Our trainings are run based on agile methodologies where all parties are kept in loop through the duration of the training program - Participants, Trainer and Customers. This approaches allows every stakeholder to track the progress in real time, based on parameters of their interests, and take corrective measures if needed.


Following are some of our quality assurance initiatives: 

  • Rigorous Trainer Selections

  • Inclusive Training Techniques/Methodologies

  • Material and content selection along side customers

  • Frequent assessments and feedback loops

  • Benchmarking and periodic upgrades in all of the above


This is our de-fecto operating model when participant size is of more than 10. The training is conducted in advanced classrooms fitted with all the necessary technology/equipments and having ergonomically standard furnitures. The training programs in this mode will be augmented with industry standard training material for better learning. Assessment conducted can be tracked via online portal. In most cases, we follow agile training methodologies. 


Creating training content and designing the whole training program forms one of our other verticals. This is an area, where we bring in the industry standards of teaching methods and the latest content to create the most relevant technology learning experience for the participants. The value we derive out of this vertical is immense, and gives us the ‘reliable knowledge partner’ tagline in the industry.


This model allows the training to be conducted at the comfort of our customers premise. We provide trainers and the necessary material and technology support for our trainers to conduct trainings at any premise of our customers choice. We take a step forward in terms of setting up the practice lab for the duration of the training. However, the scope of the training program will be defined by the customer. 


Often corporates requires training and certification on products of lesser scale and popularity, but huge in terms of their importance in a business scenario. Many a times these could be legacy products in a traditional industry. Leiten partners with such companies, to deliver what it is good at - training! This vertical has no boundaries in terms of what products are covered here. If there is a need expressed by our customer, Leiten is at it to deliver. 


This is more of a practical experience. Our trainers will be deployed at your premise teaching and coaching your staff until they can perform their job independently. This mode also includes time-to-time review of the work done - code and process audit - by our expert trainers & coaches.


We provide trainers and coaches to be deployed at our customers location for any length, on both FTE and contract basis. The scope of work will be defined by the customer. However, Leiten will only be involved in finding the right trainer/talent for the job.

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